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Coming Clean

July 9, 2014 3 comments

healthy lifeHi, my name is Scott and I’m a diabetic.

There, I said it. Publicly. For the first time.

It has been so hard to admit – only a handful of people have known. But facing the truth and dealing with it is essential for my health and life, so I’m ready to go public and come clean.

I was officially diagnosed on Friday, May 30, 2014. Reality is that I had been simply been an undiagnosed diabetic for who knows how long. My A1C test on that day came back at a 9.5, which means my blood sugars had probably been running in the 300’s for months.

For years, my blood work came back “clean” – cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose all within acceptable ranges. It was actually pretty amazing – given how overweight I have been.

But my luck ran out this spring – my blood glucose had more than doubled in a year. I was relieved that the doctor didn’t recommend insulin injections. My treatment plan right now involves oral medication – Metformin and Glymeperide daily – getting my diet under control, losing weight, and exercising.

Suddenly, I have been forced to confront lifestyle issues I haven’t given much thought in decades. Now, how I take care of myself has been re-framed for me in terms of life and death.

I have already made some dramatic changes – I’ve adopted the Duke University Lifestyle Medicine Center diet as my way of eating, and replaced pop with water, tea, and lemonade. At my 30 day follow-up appointment I had lost 10 pounds – and my 4 week avg blood sugar reading is 108, down from 346 the first time I tested it – so, yippee for small victories!

The final piece to fall into place is exercise. Let’s face it, the sedentary lifestyle is easy, comfortable, and not very sweaty. Exercise is basically “anti” all that. I am going to walk, I’m giving Bro-ga a go (that’s yoga for dudes!) and a friend has offered to make me a loaner of a pretty sweet bicycle if I will use it.

I don’t write this in a bid for sympathy or to make any excuses for anything. I just want to be open and up front about my journey. I also can’t do this alone. Any support and encouragement is sincerely appreciated, and I’ll take all the prayers I can get! If anyone has walked this road, I would welcome any wisdom and advice you might want to share. My wife, Vicki has been wonderfully supportive and that has made some of these transitions a whole lot easier.

So, please don’t be offended if I politely decline that piece of cake or pie, or that dish of ice cream. Though there may be a time in my healthier future when I can occasionally indulge in moderation, I really don’t eat the “old way” anymore.

This is not a death sentence, and I am not depressed! I can turn things around with better eating, losing weight, and more exercise. I intend to be here until the Lord calls me home and to welcome lots of grandbabies into this world (but, please, boys, get married first!)

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