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The “Am I Judgmental” Test

We’ve been talking about The Grace Way and rejoicing in the amazing grace of God at work in our lives. One of the important things grace should do in our lives is make us grace givers as well as grace receivers… So, how do we make sure that we’re extending grace – and not judgement – to people around us?

Mike Lee is the pastor of Third Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Recently he preached a message from Matthew 7 on what it really means to judge others.  In his message, Mike shared these 11 questions designed to help us discern a judgmental and critical spirit.

1. Am I more likely to see the sin in others than in myself?

2. When I pray, am I more likely to pray for God’s judgment on others rather than marvel at God’s amazing grace toward me?

3. Am I overly critical toward others while I give myself a pass or an excuse and justify my own sin?

4. Does my own sin ever lead me to deep regret and repentance?

5. Do I have people around me who have permission to hold me accountable for my sin and unforgiving heart?

6. Do I have a tendency to be unforgiving while expecting others to forgive me quickly?

7. Do I find joy in exposing sin in others?

8. Do I find more joy in the “gotcha” moments of exposing sin or in sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

9. When others see how I deal with people, will they come away rejoicing that God is mighty to save or thinking that God would never forgive them and there is no hope for forgiveness?

10. Do I receive correction humbly?

11. Before I correct others, do I spend time in God’s Word and prayer asking the Holy Spirit to expose my sin so that I might repent?

When we deal with hurting, and messed up people, lets ask ourselves these questions and make sure we are giving them help and hope as they draw near to God.

Adapted from the “Kingdom People” blog by Trevin Wax on The Gospel Coalition.

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