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Friday Remix: Beating Ourselves Up…

A couple of years ago, a friend passed along a brief video of what is at first glance a bizarre religious practice from the middle east, in which men beat themselves with sharpened chains…

I said “at first glance” above, because as I reflected on it I realized that I know many Christians who practice “self-flagellation” in one form or another – whenever they attempt to purify themselves through good behavior or self denial. What the young men do in the video is different only by degree from our feeble human attempts to earn, or deserve, or perform, or be “good enough” to earn what God has freely provided for us in Christ Jesus.

What’s sad is that some Christians tend to wear their self-administered beat downs like a badge of honor – they put them on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and into children’s ministry curriculum to try to recruit more followers to their system of works.

It’s safe to say that almost every Christian I know would declare that they are saved by grace – that there was nothing they could do to save themselves, or to earn their salvation. Yet many of them will turn around and try to live by works – as if the thing that could never get them saved will actually keep them saved.

And that’s the Christian version of self-flagellation…

We are saved by grace, and we live through Jesus’ life in us. “Christ in us” is our hope of glory, not our ability to do good or be good.

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  1. auctioneer greg
    January 20, 2012 at 11:19 am

    AMEN brother. Not sure why we choose to live in “un-grace ” but it seems that is our natural pattern. Thanks for the encouraging words!

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