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Sunday Replay 12.26.10

I really get a kick out of the blogs I follow on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings… Seems like every church everywhere had worship that was “AWEsome!” “Off the chain!” “The Bomb!” or “Unbelievable!”

That cracks me up – and makes me wonder if our church is the only one that has technical problems, equipment issues, or other miscues… Then I remember that there is an audience of One for our worship – and He is One who enjoys “a joyful noise,” if that’s all we can give Him.

So we worshipped Him yesterday, equipment problems, sick pastor and all… We had a really good “day-after-Christmas” crowd and some new faces in the house.  I was proud of the worship team for pushing on beyond the technical issues and helping us worship.  And I was just happy to get through the morning and still have a voice…

I preached a message called “Stumbling Into the New Year” based on Psalm 37:23-24.  We talked about how next year will be a lot like this year – because we all stumble in many ways… It’s what we do when we stumble that makes the difference… The promise of God holding our hand, and securing us and protecting us in Him, is one we need to be aware of if the new year is going to be different. You can listen online HERE

We celebrated communion together to close out the year, and also received our “Simply Christmas” special offering. No total on that yet because…. We are extending the “Simply Christmas” offering until January 30, 2011!  We know it can be hard for some people to give at Christmas time, so we are extending our “Simply Christmas” campaign to allow everyone who wants to give a chance to do so!  Your gifts will help support our most popular and well known outreaches – the Egg Drop, July 4th party, and Bible Beach Club – and will help us continue to upgrade and expand our NewHope4Kids children’s ministry!

I’m thinking of doing “52 Weeks, 52 Books” again for 2011.  Most of my reading will be non-fiction, on topics like the church, it’s growth, evangelism, discipleship, leadership, etc., but I’m also open to some fiction. I’m beginning the third installment of the late Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium Trilogy.”  I will read new releases and old classics, so… Do you have any books to recommend? Anything you’ve read recently that you’d like to suggest?  Just let me know.

2010 has been a pivotal year for New Hope – there have been great blessings, growth, and some challenges.  I continue to believe our best days lie ahead of us, and God is leading us to a larger mission and ministry than any of us could ever dream.  I love my church, I love our people, and I’m glad I get to do what I do where I get to do it. Let’s fight on, hold on, and walk on in 2011!

Blessings to all – enjoy the last few days of this year!


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