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See you later, son…

A few minutes ago, I hugged my oldest son, Ben, and told him goodbye.  He is moving to Indianapolis to “seek his fortune” – to live and work and go to school.  He’s moving in to a big house with 5 of his friends who are doing some version of the same thing.

The sadness I feel surprises me – he’ll only be an hour away, and I suspect he will find reasons to be home on a regular basis.  I’m not afraid for him – he’s a smart guy, a hard worker, a level-headed and thoughtful person.  He will live right and live well no matter where life takes him.

It’s a combination of knowing I’m going to miss him and wondering if this is how my parents felt when I moved out on my own, that is making me feel a little overwhelmed today…

As parents, we’re supposed to make sure our kids learn the important things, the right things.  What I find after 20 years with our first-born is that he was also our teacher, and his presence made our home a laboratory where we learned about the love and grace and mercy and fatherhood of God.

It will sound sappy and corny, but I’m going to cry this afternoon, and remember the first time I got to see and hold my firstborn, and thank God for the man he has become.

I love you Ben.

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