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Sad Story – or is it?

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

(My friend Greg Lane posted the following on Facebook yesterday.  I found it so moving and thought provoking, I immediately asked him for permission to post it here.  He graciously agreed, and here it is.  Enjoy, be challenged, or both…)

In the late 1950’s a young married couple with two young children got some really bad news. The wife had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. In those days Hodgkin’s Disease was not as “treatable” as it is today. Although the young mother held up well under treatments she was concerned about trying to raise a family while dealing with this disease.

Being a devout Catholic, she went to her priest to request a special permission. Since Catholics do not believe in contraception or abortion, her request would be considered unscriptural and impermissible…she asked if she could go on contraceptives to avoid having any more children as she battled with her sickness. The prospects of bringing more children into the world with her uncertain life expectancy seemed to be a sufficient excuse for her request. The response of the priest seemed almost cold and callous as he denied her plea for exemption.

She and her husband submitted to the church’s decision and continued on raising a family. They had two more children as a result of this decision. She was undergoing Mustard Therapy and some Radiation Therapy as part of her treatments when she discovered that she was pregnant with her fourth child. Many may have considered abortion as an option in this situation since the baby could have been adversely affected from these treatments. But, once again, her devout Catholic beliefs restrained her from such a decision. Her fourth child was born without problems or defects.

The mother died three years later after fighting the dread disease for well over 5 years. She left behind a grieving husband and 4 young children.

Perhaps you think that the Catholic Church was too stringent and rigid in this case…but, not me. I was that fourth child!

Mom, I never got a chance to say THANK YOU… Thank you for listening to the priest. Thank you for choosing life! We didn’t get a chance to know each other like a mother and son should…but, thank you for giving me a chance to know my children! I LOVE YOU!

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