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Skipping Stones 08.02.09

skipping-stonesThoughts bounce like tiny, flat pebbles across the pond in my head…

Haven’t done one of these in a while – but it feels good getting back in the saddle…

  • Sunday was a near perfect Indiana summer day – low 80’s, and just a few puffy white clouds dotting a brilliant blue sky.
  • Our worship team always handles any curveball that gets thrown at them – you all did a great job yesterday!
  • We’ve had such strong attendance all summer, no slump!  It was great to see some folks who’d been away awhile, and to have some returning guests.
  • We finished out the “Operating System – How the Christian Life is Supposed to Work” message series talking about the Spirit’s work in our lives: He works best in our areas of weakness; He works by rooting out the lies we believe and replacing them with God’s Truth; and his final product is us looking like Jesus.  The boxed sets will be available next week, and you can always listen online – click the link: Jubilee Messages Online
  • New message series begins August 16th – “Universal – the Gospel for Everybody”
  • This Sunday is Baptism Sunday – we currently have 12 baptismal candidates.  If you are one of those folks: remember to get your information sheets turned in, and be here at 9:30 AM next Sunday.  It’s going to be an AMAZING day!
  • This month I will begin a year long coaching network with Nelson Searcy, pastor of The Journey in New York City.  I’m very excited to have this chance to “sharpen the saw” and be better equipped as a leader as our church moves into the future.  We continue to gain momentum, and I don’t want my weak spots and areas of inexperience to get in the way of what could be accomplished in this community.  I truly believe God is going to take us places we’ve never been before – add to that the fact that we have to “re-build the boat while we’re on the water,” and leadership development becomes critical.  Many thanks to the elders for approving my participation in this network.
  • Sunday, August 16th is “100% Sunday.” I hope you’re inviting everyone you know with a Jubilee connection – former members, attendees, children of members, ANYBODY who’s ever driven by the building… We’re looking for this to be a time of re-connecting and renewing.
  • Exiting things coming up soon: The New Testament Challenge, our 2nd annual Sunday of Service… By God’s grace, and by His power, we ARE changing the world from this cornfield!

That’s all for now.  Have a great day!

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