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“Be” important, “do” important, or…

The quote was from Mark Batterson — “Do you want to BE important or DO something important?”   Thought-provoking… challengingeven sobering… But one of our amazing students, 17-year-old Jesi, read that and thought there was more to be said on the subject.  With all due respect to Mark Batterson – and I have mad love for him and the things National Community Church are doing – I think Jesi really hit it out of the park:

I think that when you DO something important you will BE something important.  The Bible says to do all great things in secret so God can see that you’re doing it all for the glory of Him.  I think that when we try and BE something important our view becomes distorted and we lose sight of what really matters.  But when we do everything for God and leave the rest of it up to Him – I think he rewards our humbleness and we BECOME someone.  When we’re DOING God’s will… we ARE important.

Wow!  Thanks Jesi, for being willing to think beyond a clever quote and expand on an important truth!

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