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Sticky Church – Scott Chapman

sticky-churchScott Chapman is pastor of The Chapel in Libertyville, IL, a church he co-founded in 1994 with Jeff Griffin

Small is the New Big

“A healthy church reflects Christ and connects to the culture around them.”

  • Their church was growing numerically, but had no spiritual transformation – and they were losing stickiness and struggling to integrate people into the life of the church.
  • Small groups were struggling, couldn’t get enough volunteers, giving declined, people were starting to slip away.  They seriously began to question whether this big, growing church could survive…
  • Made several critical discoveries…

1. People were falling into “practical atheism” – believe God exists, behave as if He does not.  They need to find a way to help those exploring faith and those who were building faith.

2. People wanted what a large church provided, but loved how a small church felt.

  • They had seen multi-site as a church growth tool – began to envision it as a church health tool.
  • A “sticky church” is a church that people want to stay in – multi site allows that.

What makes multi site sticky

  • Gives people large church experience
    • High quality ministry experience
    • Huge Kingdom vision
  • Gives people the small church experience
    • Spiritual mentors – campus pastors function as small church pastors
    • A church family – to be known and know others
    • A church in their community – close to home, invite friends to, addressed local needs.
    • To be needed – their service and giving making a noticeable difference
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