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Sticky Church – Dave Ferguson

sticky-churchDave Ferguson is the lead pastor of Community Christian Church in Napierville, IL, and co-founder and director of the NewThing Network.

  • Exponential explosion of technology… With bombardment of info, how do we make our message – “You matter to God” – stick? 
  • Shouting at culture will not work.  Christianity is perceived as hypocritical and judgmental – we have an image problem. 
  • We cannot assimilate all the info we receive –  The church is known for producing volumes of info, not so much for taking action.
  • We ask our children, “What did you learn in church today?” – “ummmm.”  But wouldn’t we get the same answer if they asked us?
  • The problem is all the little ideas and distinct messages we receive from church… 
  • “When multiple ideas pile up too high, they begin to cancel each other out.”
  • More info = less clarity… less action…
  • People aren’t apathetic, they’re confused… (Obama had single big idea – “change”… McCain – ???)
  • One BIG idea – more clarity and action
  • Correlation between 1 big idea and people putting it into action.  Give people one idea and there’s a better chance it will stick.
  • Jesus’ one big idea – “follow me.”
  • The mature person responds with swift obedience
  • The bigger and more clear the idea – the speedier the obedience
  • The goal of the big idea is to accomplish the mission of Jesus – not through information, but transformation.
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