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Skipping Stones 04.05.09

skipping-stonesThoughts that are bouncing across the pond in my head…

  • Wet and chilly in our neck of the woods yesterday… Then on Monday, it snowed!  Welcome to April in Indiana.
  • Us pastors watch the Easter Sunday weather reports like hawks!  I have checked the 10-Day forecast like 8 times this morning…
  • Great day at Jubilee yesterday – strong attendance, and some guests.  I was happy to be back in person after last week’s video message.
  • Worship band did their usual fine job directing our thoughts and hearts to God – significant because 5 out of the 6 band members had spent the entire day before at Acquire the Fire Battle-cry in Indianapolis!  I know they were totally wrung out.
  • We finished our Journey to the Cross message series by going beyond the cross to the empty tomb of Jesus.  His resurrection from the dead is the foundational truth of the Christian faith and the basis of our salvation (Romans 10:9)!  Listen to the message online HERE.
  • I’m excited about starting “The God Questions” beginning Easter Sunday!  If you have seeking and/or skeptical friends, do whatever it takes to get them to church on Sunday!   We believe lives and eternities will be changed for people during this 4 week message series.
  • I came back from the Sticky Church conference LOADED with resources – including “It” on DVD, and “The Big Idea” by Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson, and Eric Bramlett.  I’m reading “The Big Idea” at the moment.
  • We are closing in on 8000 eggs stuffed and ready for our Egg Drop!  It’s going to be awesome!
  • The possible attendance numbers we’re talking about for Easter Sunday are SCARY – in a good, exciting kind of way.  We know that every number is a REAL LIVE PERSON, and we want each of them to encounter Jesus Christ in a way that moves them closer to God.
  • My NCAA Tournament bracket was in tatters by the time the sweet 16 was set – but I’m going to step out and say Michigan State will win the national championship tonight.  Izzo and company seem to be peaking at the right time.  Go Spartans!

That’s it for now.  Have a great week!

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