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From the Rooftops

A couple of weeks ago, our student ministry – “Friction” – hosted “From the Rooftops.”  It was an amazing event with awesome music, an original drama written by our own Anya W. – with a killer dance number btw -and two great messages from Anya and Chris.  Jesus’ name was lifted up and the best part – 102 people came to the event!

All last week, I had parents and students calling, writing, and coming up to me expressing how much they appreciated the event and our ministry to the community.  I was the best kind of proud of our youth pastors and our students who took part in the event.

But it gets better – today I received the following email (names deleted and some identifying details omitted for privacy):

I ran into a co-worker this morning and he wanted to express his thanks to Jubilee Fellowship for the From the Rooftops” event that was produced by our Friction Youth Group. He has a 14 year old son who attended the Friction event.

When the event was over, his son went home and went to bed. Around 11:00pm he got up and came out to talk to his step-mother. He had been crying for awhile, and said that he really needed to speak to his Dad. Step-mom called Dad at work and gave the phone to the son. Dad was obviously concerned getting such a call so late on a Sunday night from a tearful son. His worries were soon alleviated when his son asked him: “Dad, how do I know that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ?”

That question opened the door to an amazing discussion between father and son. The details of the talk will remain between those two but Dad simply said that the event had a huge impact on his son’s young life. He also noted that, since the event, the boy takes his Bible with him to school every day.

THAT is why we do what we do – life change is THE goal, the bulls-eye.

Thanks again to Chris, Anya, and everyone who helped and supported “From the Rooftops!”

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