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Skipping Stones 02.23.09

skipping-stonesThoughts jumping across the pond in my head…

  • Winter took another poke at us!  A cold, slushy Sunday…
  • Strong attendance – and some of our returning guests brought new people with them!  
  • Worship band did an incredible job!  Except, when Jesi started kicking her violin around, I had a flashback to a Who concert from like 30 years ago.  Or maybe it was Kansas…
  • Finished up the “Deadliest Catch” message series, looking at Jonah’s tendency to whine and to withhold grace from those who need it most.  God wants to use us to change eternity for somebody — and He’ll put us through the ringer if necessary to get us “usable”.  Never forget that we LIVE in Ninevah!  Check out the audio: Messages Online
  • Thanks to all who gave generously to help us deal with requests for winter heating assistance.  Every dollar makes a difference.
  • A “good” problem to have – lots of students involved in Friction who need rides home on Wednesday nights.  We just have so many heading in different directions to be able to get everyone home in the church van.  If you drive a minivan or SUV and could haul 3 or 4 (or 5) kids home on a Wednesday evening every now and then, please contact me ASAP.
  • Very interesting  installment of “Financial Peace University” last night – Dave talked about insurance.   I think Chris E. – who’s done an outstanding job as a substitute, did I mention that already? – was glad to have Greg the insurance guru back for this session.
  • Great deacon’s meeting yesterday afternoon – last session with the team in this configuration.  We talked about the 3 E’s of connecting at Jubilee: Environments, Experiences, and Events.  Thanks to Jim, Bob, and Mike for their service these past three years.  Looking forward to having Jason, Josh, and Pam on board next month.
  • I’m excited about two upcoming message series – “Journey to the Cross” which I’ll talk about in a later blog post, and “The God Questions” which we’ll kick off Easter Sunday.  We will be doing some MAJOR outreach and getting the word out about “The God Questions” – more details to come, quickly!
  • 52 Books Update – I’ve gone back to re-read some of “Simple Church” – it just fits with the direction we are moving.  Since I can only count it once, and I don’t want to get 2 weeks behind – I pulled out a little book by Andy Stanley, “How Good is Good Enough.”  It’s the one we’re going to give away to first time guests in the near future.
  • American Idol update – Danny Gokey sailed through the first round of 36, but Anoop Desai did not make it.  There’s still hope that he could be picked up as a wildcard – those are going to be selected by the judges I believe.  Idol got off to a slow start, but it’s heating up quick!

Have a great week!

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