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Skipping Stones 02.15.09

  • skipping-stonesIt was a beautiful morning – cold, but sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  It did get cloudy as the day went on.  Winter isn’t done with us yet, though…
  • Worship band did another fine job – and the special song was fantastic!  I could even hear Josh singing on that one!
  • We had some first time guests and some returning guests!  
  • In the third installment of our “Deadliest Catch” message series on the life of Jonah, we saw that our God is a God of second chances – He spoke to Jonah “a second time”… He changed His mind about destroying Ninevah… He extends his mercy and grace to everyone from barbaric heathens to runaway prophets.
  • Another great installment of “Financial Peace University” last night – be sure to ask Ron Flora about making MAJOR purchases without consulting your spouse… He’s something of an expert.
  • We had 19 walkers for the Rescue Mission Winter walk, and raised well over $1000!  Thanks to all who participated.  If you meant to contribute, but haven’t yet, get with me as soon as possible.  All money will go to the Open Arms Women’s and Children’s Shelter.
  • I got to meet and talk with Rescue Mission director, Van Taylor – very nice guy… He already knew a little about us – he said, quote, “Yeah, you guys live in the house that has the bicycles all over the yard and sidewalk…”  Yep, that’s us…
  • I know I’ve picked the right Valentine’s Day cards when they make Vic cry.
  • 52 Books Update – picked up “Crazy Love” last week, but haven’t started it yet.  I’m reading outside my normal “zone” this week – a book called “Areas of My Expertise” by John Hodgman.  It’s strictly humor – hysterical made up stuff presented as fact in almanac style.  Silly, but fun!  You may know Hodgman as “the PC” in the Mac and PC ads – a very funny guy.
  • Our average Sunday morning worship attendance is up 30% over last year!  God is clearly up to something – let’s join Him!
  • American Idol update: my man Danny Gokey made it to the top 36!  Another favorite did too – last week I identified him as “David.”  Well, it turns out his name is Anoop… Yeah, I always get those two names mixed up.
  • The NASCAR season has officially started… Around our house NASCAR stands for Nap At Scott’s Couch And Recliner…
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