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Skipping Stones 02.10.09

skipping-stonesThoughts jumping across the pond in my head…

  • Somebody flipped a switch and we warmed up fast!  I could not believe how quick the snow melted.  Looks like we’re in for some rough weather later this week though…
  • GREAT DAY Sunday!  We had several new faces and very strong attendance.  
  • Second message in the “Deadliest Catch” series – We saw Jonah trapped in a fish – horrific circumstances that God was able to use to turn his life around and get him back on track. 
  • Chris E. did a great job with the Financial Peace University class, filling in for Greg.  It’s neat to see how what we’re learning really is taking hold in some folks lives.  If you didn’t take the class this time, we will offer it again, probably in the fall.  Don’t let anything – hopelessness, false pride, embarrassment, etc. – keep you away.
  • We’ve got three outstanding Deacon candidates – Josh B., Jason G., and Pam M. – please be in prayer for each of them during confirmation month, and we will install them March 1st.
  • Don’t forget the Second Saturday Project!  We will be doing the Kokomo Rescue Missions Winter Walk.  Raise $50 in suppor to walk and get a free t-shirt!  We will leave the church at 8 AM Saturday and return around 11.
  • 52 Books in a Year update – finally cracking “Simple Church” by Thom Rainer.  I must have had it recommended to me once a week for the past couple of years.  I love Rainer’s work and this one grabbed me from page 1.
  • We went to our 13 year old’s opening wrestling meet last night – he didn’t win, but man, he has improved so much.  He’s faster and stronger.  I predict he’ll have a very good year. It seemed like half the team was from our youth group. Props to Anthony, Cole, and Jake on their wins last night.  
  • Since you’re dying to know: My early fav on “American Idol” is Danny Gokey – the music teacher from Milwaukee whose wife passed away last year.  We also like David (?) and several of the ladies.  I was disappointed that they “blew through” the auditions – I love ’em – but it looks like a very good competition this year.
  • Here’s why we ask people to turn their cell phones off in church – God is watching…

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