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Skipping Stones

skipping-stonesThoughts that are jumping across the pond in my head…

  • A slight warm up over the weekend got rid of most of the snow and ice from sidewalks and roads.  Still looks like frozen tundra from my office window, though…
  • Battling a cold, which is never any fun.  Oh well, maybe breathing through the nose is overrated.
  • Worship band was stellar yesterday!  We REALLY missed our “fiddle player” though.
  • Kicked off a new message series – “Deadliest Catch” – on the story of Jonah.  We saw that Jonah’s story – disobedient, on the run from God, MAJOR whiner – is also our story.  We do some crazy things to keep from just simply doing what God said do.  Will it take a “great fish” for us to get it?
  • We continue to see life change happening – prayed yesterday with a man who acknowledged his storm and recognized he needed God to get him through it.  
  • Enjoyed the Super Bowl with family, foods, and friends… Most of us have school age children, so the party always breaks up at halftime.  
  • Props to the Cardinals – I seriously thought it would be a blow out, but Warner and Co. kept it close and, with slightly better clock management at the end, could have won it. (said the Monday morning quarterback…)
  • My favorite SB commercial: The men who had all sorts of injury inflicted on them and jumped right up and said, “I’m good!”  As I typed that I realized I have no idea what they were advertising…
  • 52 Books in a year update – I am now one full week behind.  Glad I have those short Driscoll books to catch up!  This week I’m reading “Look Away” by William Davis, a history of the Confederate States of America.
  • Got to be part of a great video conference call today with some of the guys from the Relevant Network – looking forward to making further connections with some exciting and visionary leaders.
  • Getting excited about our Second Saturday project on the 14th – the Winter Walk at Kokomo Rescue Mission – hopefully you’re recruiting sponsors too.  $50 minimum to join the team – $1000 is our goal.
  • That’s all for today – watch this space for some intersting and thought-provoking blogs in the days to come.
  • OH! Here’s a link to the SB commercial I was talking about!  It’s for Pepsi Max…  “I’m Good!”
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