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This Sunday @ Jubilee

deadliestcatchtitleA new message series begins February 1st.  “Deadliest Catch”lessons from the life of Jonah.

Most people have at least a passing acquaintance with the story of Jonah – the guy in the Bible who got swallowed by a whale, right? – but his story could be our story… We run from God and reap the consequences of our disobedience… We gripe and complain when God doesn’t do things the way we want Him to… And if we’ll get still and be quiet for a moment, we just might get to see God’s amazing mercy and love for people.

This four-part message series will draw us deeper into a story we thought we knew – and show us that there’s a little Jonah in all of us.  You won’t want to miss it!

The start of a new series is a great time to invite friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who are not involved in church.  Call someone and invite them to come.  Offer to meet them in the parking lot or foyer, and to sit with them during the service.  If they’re not ready to “go to church” just yet, that’s ok – offer to get them a CD of the message, or hook them up with the web adress where they can listen online.  Let God use you in your unbelieving friend’s journey back to the Father.

Always remember – we’re here for good.

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