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Proud Daddy

Yeah, I’m going to brag a little… Our almost-19-year-old son was pretty much born talking, and basically taught himself to read.  He was always a very verbal kid.  He is also an amazing young writer.  I featured his Christmas poem a few weeks back.

Now he has written a piece that is beautiful, challenging and thought-provoking.  It humbles me and, frankly, scares me a little to discover that he really was listening all those times he heard  old dad preach and teach.  It makes me proud that he didn’t swallow whole what I was laying down, but he thought about it, discussed it with friends and family, even disagreed with some of it – or at least reached some different conclusions.

Anyway, here it is – I hope you enjoy it…

Good News – by Ben Gamel

(Part one is dedicated to my dad, who taught me what Grace is all about. Part two is for anyone I have talked theology, religion, or philosophy with in the past year and a half. And Part three is for Friction. I love you guys.)

In the beginning
There were three things created
Heaven, Earth, and us
Everything else
Well it came out of a big bang of words
And these days
It’s no secret that we say too much
‘Cause in the beginning there was a word
One word.
And the word was LOVE
So ever since
We have been babbling nonsense
Just trying to catch up

But I have good news
It is that we can cease striving
‘Cause when one word becomes one man
That has to die twice
Well, I have heard that love has the power
To bring a dead man back to life

So we can stop trying
Stop trying to make our lives right
Because the amazing saving grace
Of the Raised Man does not fade
And the good news is
Grace has a wonderful way
Of making us into saints

There are some that say
That we are like living words
The masterpiece poetry of God himself
But when I see myself
I wish that God was a better writer
Because I was born with the brave gift of brutal honesty
Set to rhythm in a heart-beating whirlwind of words

Sometimes I feel like Solomon
Setting my mind to seek and explore
By wisdom
All things under heaven
And all is vanity
So honestly
Sometimes I’m a cynic
And sometimes I have my doubts
So I write these words out for you
With all my suspicions and mistakes
And maybe we can talk a while
With all my god-questions and yours

Like what if the answer
To our final test
Is nothing more than our best guess
But I have to believe
That there is more to life than just existence
Because maybe the question is less of “what if”
And more of who we believe God is
And my God
Is love

It’s hard to find the good
In the bruises of this messed up world
‘Cause we all could use a little gospel
We all need something good

So in our beautiful brokenness
We hold onto the hope in knowing
That Love has the power
To bring us back to life

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  1. January 22, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Wonderful, moving, insightful poem. You have a talented, spiritual son who has learned a lot from his dad.

  2. January 22, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Your son is a wonderful poet and he thinks.

    He thinks? What kind of compliment is that?

    It’s a compliment to a testament to his parents’ commitment to raise a good and well-rounded man. So, be glad that he’s learned to think well and express himself, even when his ideas are different from yours. A young person with his own ideas is a beacon of hope in a dark and too often dumbed-down world.

    Thank God.

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