Skipping Stones

skipping-stonesThoughts that are jumping across the pond of my mind…

  • Very good day at Jubilee yesterday – considering the weather, we had a great crowd and some returning guests.
  • Message #2 in the “Plan A” evangelism series – focused on building relationships that help our unsaved friends move through the evangelism process.  We have to be real, a “natural” friend, we have to be willing to speak up when the time is right, and we have to be willing for God to use other people in our friend’s lives.
  • BTW, in the message I revealed the plot to a “romantic comedy” script I’m writing!  You’ll have to listen to the message to hear it, though…  Listen HERE.
  • Another great class in “Financial Peace University” last night.  The excitement and optimism in the group about getting control of family finances was AMAZING!  Keep taking those “baby steps!” 
  • I was totally NOT expecting the Titans, Panthers, and Giants to get beat yesterday!  I’m going to remain loyal to the AFC and pull for the Steelers… I think it will be them and the Ravens in the Superbowl.
  • One of the kids who went ice skating yesterday slipped on the ice – in the parking garage, not the ice rink – hit  his head and got a concussion!  Brody, man, I’m so sorry that happened to you.  Get well, not soon, but RIGHT NOW!
  • “52 Books in a Year” update – “Sticky Church” by Larry Osborne was an incredible book, one that is causing me to rethink some stuff about small groups.  Next up, a reread and finish up of “Visoneering” by Andy Stanley.  I got sidetracked about a third of the way in, so I’m going get that done this week.  After that, either “It” (Groeschel, not Stephen King) or “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.
  • I started my second week back in the gym today – upped my elliptical time a little and worked in some interval stuff on the recumbent bike.  My legs felt like jelly afterward.  But I’m inspired by Lonnie, a local guy who walked into the gym for the first time a few months ago weighing over 400 lbs – he’s lost more than 70 lbs so far!
  • While I was editing this post, I heard that the Indianapolis Colts will announce coach Tony Dungy’s retirement today…  This makes me sad – I was so hopeful that he’d come back for one more year.  I really think the world of Coach Dungy – he’s a fine Christian man, and a great coach.  Other than geography, he’s the main reason I became a Colts fan.  Today, I’m True Blue, and I have high hopes for the future under new head coach Jim Caldwell, but I will miss Coach Dungy.
  • I’m officiating at two funerals this week – one of them for Steve, who told me last Wednesday afternoon, “I believe in God and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!”  AMEN!  Steve passed away Friday morning.
  • I’m so excited about changing the world from a cornfield!  We’ve got a lot of hard work in front of us – installing/improving systems, leadership development to name a couple of things – but we’re a charting a new course in our community.  Remember: If we want to reach people who have never been reached, we’ve got to do things that have never been done!

Have a great week!

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