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Christmas wishes…

ornamentsWhat follows was written by my oldest son, Ben.  I’m FAR from objective, but I think it’s AWESOME.  Ben is 18, an aspiring writer, a photographer, a poet, a worship musician and future journalism student.  His also known around the church as “Pastor Scott’s right arm.”   For the first born of ignorant parents who thought they were smart, he turned out pretty good… I pass this sample of his most recent work along with good wishes of Christmas blessings.  Enjoy!

Christmas –

You can hear it in the ringing of bells
And the soundest of stories
You can see it in the way the snow falls
And the way the world is full of light
It is the magic all around us
From the stories of brighter stars
And the idea that maybe
Reindeer can fly in December
And magic hats can bring cold men to life

Right now,
There are some wrapping gifts to give
And others are lighting candles
All the while
The saints are outside singing
Of the Messiah
Of God here with us
Of wishing you a merry Christmas
And maybe we could join them

But it is a silent night
And baby,
It’s cold outside
So stay awhile
Stay here in the warmth
Of vivid lights and winter memories
And remember that the breath of heaven
Exists just beyond us
Just beyond the firelight
Where the smoke billows out of chimneys
And where Nicholas watches and waits
For us to fall asleep
With dreams of sugarplums dancing

And remember that faith
Is something that keeps us warm
And keeps our spirits merry
So deck the halls
And let it snow
Because I have heard
That there are saviors born
Under bright stars in Bethlehem stables
Meant to bring peace to all of us

And right now,
There are living nativities
And children rockin’ around evergreen trees
All the while
There are angels in the sky singing
Of the messiah
Singing of joy
And maybe we should listen

‘Cause it’s a holy night
So remember Jacob Marley
And the little drummer boy
And remember the truth of the Christmas story
That it’s a wonderful life
And that if Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree
Taught us anything
It is that a little love, can make us grow
So let it snow, let it snow
Let it snow.

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  1. novice101
    December 15, 2008 at 11:26 am

    You can be justifiably proud.

    Merry Christmas, have a joyous season!

  2. Bert
    December 15, 2008 at 7:30 pm

    That is outstanding!
    I am reminded that our little church between the corn fields is disproportionately blessed with tremendously gifted individuals.
    Hidden talents are being realized for the first time. People are being lifted up to serve in ways they never dared dream of.
    In recent months, we’ve witnessed the creation of a Worship Leader. Gifted musicians and singers, unknown to us before, have come together to form a powerful worship team.
    We have amongst us artists, technical experts, poets, leaders, and inspired teachers.
    And it’s all happening… just in time.

  3. January 2, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Very nice Ben, Thank You

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