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Sunday Replay 12.07.08

joy-to-the-world3This is some kind of record – the latest Sunday replay I’ve ever done… 

Seems like every family I know has someone with some kind of sickness – strep, flu, sinus and ear infections, plain old colds – yucky stuff just making the rounds.  That’s one reason we ended up with only half of our worship band on the stage.  But you know what guys?  You totally pulled it off!  I know you felt a little out of whack – but in this case, our basis for comparison is not where we want to be, but where we’ve come from.  This time last year?  CD’s.  So hold your heads up – you are doing an awesome job!

We kicked off our “Joy to the World: Unwrapping the True Gift of Christmas” message series talking about the total lack of bad news on that night so long ago.  We are predisposed to expect bad news – especially when it is coming from someone in authority – but when God interacted with our world the day Jesus was born, it was not to bring bad news, shame, or guilt.  He brought good news of great joy to ALL people.  The gospel is not just for “good” people… or church people… or consistent people – it’s for those of us whose cheese is sliding off our cracker (thanks to Brennan Manning for that word picture).  The bottom line of the Christmas Story is God saying to us: “Don’t be afraid, I am pleased with you.”  When we embrace that message, everything changes.

I’m pumped about our Second Saturday community service project this week!  This is a great opportunity to get second-saturdayinvolved in giving and serving by helping others.  Bring your children and make service a way of life in your family!  This month we will be working on our Community Christmas Baskets. Every year we prepare Christmas gift baskets for needy families in our community.  Second Saturday volunteers will shop, help assemble, and deliver the baskets to the families we are helping.  See you Saturday morning!

We’re offering a lower level of activity this holiday season – even our children’s program is a “one rehearsal” deal.  Yes, it was a deliberate decision to take some “stuff” out of  Christmas, and hopefully allow everyone to break the hectic, crazy cycle that seems to start spinning this time of year.  This year, relax some… skip a party… make one or two less batches of goodies… and instead, enjoy some extra moments of connecting with your spouse, children, and friends.

We’ve got some exciting things stacking up for next year – some changes to the worship service… some upgrades and improvements in several areas of our building… some challenging and potentially transforming messages and message series.  2009 could almost certainly go down as a pivotal year in our church’s history and mission to this community.  We are going to change the world from this corn field!  Don’t miss a minute of it!

Have a great week!

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