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A pain in the neck

Wow… Seems like I blinked my eyes and it’s been a week since I blogged…

For one thing I’ve been hurting – Saturday I developed some kind of strange pain in the back of my neck.  It hurt to swallow; Couldn’t raise my chin or turn my head to either side.  Couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat much; I was producing unusual amounts of eyeball snot.  (OK, I made that last one up…)

By Sunday night it was impossible to sleep, so I headed out to the chiropractor’s office on Monday.  That’s always fun and a little surreal…

Dr. Bones: OK, I’m going to start with #6 – that’s the most common source of problems… (He grabs my chin and the back of my head and gives it a jerk.)

Me:  Aaaaaayeeeee!

Dr. Bones: Let’s try it in the other way direction – just relax…

Me: Yeeeeeoooowww!

Dr. Bones: Hmmm… did that hurt?

Me: Yeah – did the screams and the tears give it away?

He cracked my back in a couple of places, massaged my neck so hard my eyeballs bulged out, and gave me a treatment with a device that felt like a rapid-fire series of charley-horse punches to the back of the neck.

Doc concluded that I was having muscle spasms and recommended a couple days of intermittent moist heat.  I tried to convince Vic that I also needed regular neck rubs from a loving companion, but she didn’t buy it at all.

Anyway, today I feel much better, pretty close to 100%…  And I’d lose my “preacher’s cred” if I didn’t find some kind of spiritual/philosophical point in all of it…

My pain was quite localized, but my entire body felt the effects.  That’s because the head leads the body, and when the head isn’t leading, or is incapable of leading, the body doesn’t function well – the simplest tasks become monumentally difficult.   Sometimes leadership is a pain in the neck…

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