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What a great day!

turkey_cooking_cThe best quote I’ve seen all day: “The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is like a Friday, with 3 Saturdays to follow!” — Dave Anderson, aka “moviepastor”.  Yeah, I stole it for my Facebook status…

Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Just being gut-level honest here – most of the “major” holidays are pretty draining on a pastor and a church – special message series, elaborate productions, too many events, etc., – but Thanksgiving kind shakes free of all that… I mean, not many churches have a “Thanks-alluia Pageant and Cantata” featuring live turkeys and cute kids in construction paper pilgrim hats.

Plus, the day is stuffed with two of my favorite things in life: Family and food. We will have a houseful of folks here, including in-laws and friends – anywhere from 16 to 27 depending on the time of day.  I love it!  It will be loud, and chaotic… There won’t be enough seats… Football games blaring on unwatched TV’s… a Mexican Train domino game might break out… peals of laughter will wake up those of us who are trying to sneak naps… About 4 o’clock the living room will look like there’s a gas leak in the house – lots of open mouthed snoring and drool…

And, my oh my, the food!  Fried turkey breasts, ham, pork loin, deviled eggs, homemade noodles, pecan pie… And even though I’m giving myself permission to take off from the diet for lunch, I am making a sugar free peanut butter chocolate pie and leaving off the rolls…

“But what about giving thanks?  That is the reason for the day, right?”  Well, yeah… but see, I’m trying to live EVERY DAY being thankful for an embarrassing wealth of blessings:  A beautiful, strong wife who for some inexplicable reason has chosen me out of all the men on earth to love… For sons who are healthy, smart, funny, talented, handsome, and strong… For a job I love (and would do for free – but don’t tell my fellow elders!) with a group of people who really believe the world can be changed from our cornfield… Material things that make me a very wealthy man in the eyes of most of the rest of the world…  I really do recognize that I’m blessed, and for no other reasonable explanation than that God chooses to do so.

Yep, Thanksgiving is an amazing day!  I plan on enjoying it to the fullest, and I hope you and your family do too.

If you don’t have somewhere to be, we’ve got a square foot or two of available space – we’d love to have you!

  1. novice101
    November 26, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    It is good to have one day in a year designated for the expression of gratefulness. We do not have one here in Malaysia.

    The world would be less chaotic, it would be a more peaceful place if each one of us has the awareness in him that there are plenty for which he should be thankful for.

    November 26, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    Excellent entry! Thanksgiving is a great day to start being grateful…….for the rest of your life!

    Bring on the TURKEY!

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