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Practical Orphans

house_md___black_and_white_by_melwasulWe are “House” fans around here – who wouldn’t like a show about a brilliant, drug-addicted, misanthropic, medical diagnostician?  Yeah, the appeal is hard to define – though it is one of the most character rich, character driven shows on TV.

Last week’s case blew me away – talk about seeing “God stories” in popular culture… 

A 16 year old emancipated minor collapses at her factory job.  House and his team struggle to diagnose her as she gets progressively worse.  Their work is complicated by the rabbit trails they are led down by the lies the girl tells – First, that her parents are dead… Then, that she is emancipated because her father raped her.

Finally she is diagnosed with leukemia – a bone marrow transplant will save her life, but the donor bank matches are iffy.  She needs marrow from her mother or father.  The girl refuses, saying she would rather die than take marrow from her parents.  Dr. “13,” – one of House’s team members, sneaks off to talk to the parents, and discovers that the girl has stolen an identity and forged emancipation papers.

House has had enough – he confronts the girl and asked quite pointedly, “What did you do?”  The girl finally supplies the truth – she doesn’t want to see her parents because she is sure they hate her and don’t want to see her ever again.  She was responsible for the death of her brother – or as she puts it “I killed their son…”

Finally, to the strains of “Through the Dark” by Alexi Murdoch – a GREAT song, btw – there is a tearful reunion, and it is obvious that the girl’s parents love her and are willing to do anything to save her life.

We often live like practical orphans – we become convinced that what we’ve done is so terrible that our Father couldn’t really love us.  We tell lies and create cover stories to throw others – and ourselves – off the scent.  We suffer longer and more than we have to, because we’re convinced that our part in the death of His Son turns God’s face away from us.

The truth is that God front-loaded an enormous amount of His love, mercy, grace, and kindness on us when we were “yet sinners,” still in rebellion, in the far country, and separated from Him.  If He was sovereignly willing to do that when we were “not a people” – how much more will He lavish it all on us AFTER we come to Him?

A hypocrite is not just a person who says one thing and does another – it’s also a person who lives as if something is true about them, when it in fact isn’t.  We are not orphans – God is there, still willing to do whatever it takes to save our lives.

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  1. November 25, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Hate the show . . . but love your comments.

    My favorite piece of wordsmithing was this: “. . . God frontloaded . . . ” That really makes me think.

    Excellent post today. Thanks, Ol’ Guy.

    November 25, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Love the show. One of the best shows I can remember – love the witty banter between characters. (sidebar: not really Hugh’s real accent – it’s british by nature). BUT anyway….kudos on the post! I think there are quite a few that feel the same way…’I’ve done something so bad that no one would want me’… think we don’t realize though that we’re telling God he’s really not big enough to forgive us.

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