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Catalyst Report, part two

craig-groeschelCatalyst Session Two

Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes  Craig Groeschel – Lifechurch.tv

Ministry comes up against many barriers, and the temptation is to settle, be safe.  If your mind stops/freezes your momentum will stop…

Challenge to think differently about:

Church Culture

Take an objective look: what about needs to change about our church culture?  Answer the question:  Our people won’t _____ 

How to re-think:  We have not lead them to _____.  It’s usually a leadership/systems issue.  Lead the people to the desired result…

Leaders must model: generosity, evangelism, etc.


Normal mindset:  “We have to do more to reach more”  More programs events, stuff, etc.

New mindset:  We can reach more by doing less.  Stop filiing up calendars and sacrificing families on the altar of church busyness. 

Concentrate resources on a few well-done things.


Are you about your mission or are you about guarding people’s feelings?

Normal mindset:  “We can’t hurt someone’s feelings”   We get the wrong person in a role – and don’t remove them because it might hurt feelings

New mindset:  don’t let the right person in the wrong role hold back the mission of the church.

Common: hire for today instead of for the future – with momentum that will result in inadequate leadership in ministry role in the future.

Love the mission enough to make the hard decisions 

Think differently about people leaving the church

Sometimes you have to allow people to leave – get rid of the mindset that you can’t let people go… If people are dissatisfied, miserable, complaining, let them go – you remove cancer, don’t shift it to a new position or placate it.

We can actually grow when people leave – can remain friends, love them, but recognize that they belong in another church.

If you are confident and secure in who you are in ministry that is attractive.


We can’t because we don’t have______   (Resources, room, money, etc.)

You can often do more within limitations – If Peter and John had had any money, the lame man wouldn’t have walked…

 See opportunities where others see limitations.

3 assignments:

  1. Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and find out what they think.  Most people focus on the what and miss the why? 
  2. Identify one wrong mindset and ask God to renew the mind with truth.
  3. Identify one painful decision, and commit to make it no matter the short term pain.
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