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Sunday Replay 11.16.08

life-stewardship3Man, it is cold here in the corn fields of Hoosier-land!  I heard someone talking today about the possibility of a “white Thanksgiving”! 

I was so excited about worship at Jubilee yesterday – and once again, it was an amazing and inspiring experience.  The worship band was just on it!  Hey, did anyone notice the drummer dropping his drumsticks?  No?  Me neither.  In fact I wouldn’t have known it at all if he hadn’t talked about so much on the way to lunch…  Shake it off, Sam, you done good and worship was great.

We continued to look at “Building a Life of Stewardship,” focusing on Paul’s account of the Macedonian church in 2 Corinthians 8.  Here was an extremely poor church, pleading for the opportunity to give to the needs of others.  Paul said “they gave not only what they could afford, but far more.”   The Macedonian’s “many troubles” and being “very poor” when mixed with their “abundance of joy” bubbled over into “rich generosity.”

We saw that those poverty stricken Christians could teach us some important things about stewardship and giving:  1) The first thing we give is ourselves to the Lord… Our most important issue is not what we have, but Who we have, or rather Who has us.  2) How to trust in difficult circumstances…  The Macedonians had physical poverty, but they were untouched by spiritual poverty – that’s why they were so eager to share what little they had.  Giving is not primarily a financial issue – it’s a spiritual issue, a trust issue.  Our generosity and joy say a lot about the condition of our spirituality.  3) How to excel in the gracious act of giving… We give because we love – not because of a legalistic percentage standard, or a sense of guilt or obligation.  It is love for God and an awareness and appreciation of the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf that moves us to serve – not merely as grace receivers, or hoarders, but as conduits through which His love flows to the world around us.

We had an awesome response to “Operation Christmas Child” – shoeboxes full of goodies everywhere!  I see there are still a few boxes that haven’t been returned.  Please get those to the church office by Wednesday!  Thanks for caring and sharing with children all over the world!

Have a great week!

  1. November 18, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Pastor Scott!

    I discovered your blog from your Twitter account! VERY COOL!

    This post was a bit of a tear-jerker….keep up the excellent work!

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