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Sunday Replay 10.12.08

Tuesday afternoon, and I’m just getting around to my recap of Sunday – no particular reason, just working on things other than the blog for the past week or so…

Worship was great!  In Anya’s absence, the worship band went with a more mellow, acoustic set, and Jesi did a fantastic job leading.  And Sunday night at the talent show, I think another budding vocal talent was discovered – don’t you agree Sam?

The third installment of our “Taking It to the Streets” message series focused on “Little Acts with Big Impact.”  We looked at Jesus’ description of the Kingdom in Luke 13:18-21.  There, Jesus said the Kingdom was like a small mustard seed that grows in to a bushy tree large enough for birds to build nests in.  Then He said the Kingdom was like a lump of yeast that was worked into 50 pounds of dough to make bread for as many as 100 people!

Jesus wasn’t teaching horticulture or giving cooking lessons – He’s revealing truth about the kingdom of God…  And this was His point: When it comes to spiritual things, God uses small things to do BIG stuff.  We get our word “ministry” from the Latin root for “small things,” the same root as the word “miniature.” Ministry is involved in small things. We’re called to get involved in little acts, small gestures and everyday service.

Next Sunday is a huge day for us – instead of Sunday services, we going to have a Sunday of Service!  We are about to unleash on this community a church that, for a welcome change, is not saying “come to us,” “join us,” “give to us,”  but instead is saying, “we’ll come to you, and serve you, and give to you, expecting nothing in return and we’re doing it because we love Jesus and He loves you!”  Be prepared to be blown away by how people respond!

Whatever you do – don’t stay home this Sunday!  We’ve got some fantastic projects lined up, and afterward, we’ll all meet back at the building for soup and sandwiches – and a BIG ANNOUNCMENT!  But unless you’re here, you’ll have to hear it from someone else!

Have a great week.

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