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Sunday Replay 09.28.08

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We had another great Sunday!  It was really nice weather-wise, we had good attendance, and one of our new folks said she had decided that Jubilee was going to be “her church!”  Praise the Lord!

Worship was simply amazing – There was adoration, celebration, and conviction in an atmosphere of joyous freedom.  Worship band, I get so emotional thinking about where we were just months ago – now you guys are a major component in the Kingdom work God has planned for this community!

In the first installment of “Taking It To the Streets,” we looked at the familiar story of the Good Samaritan – the man who took a detour that saved a life.  When the lawyer approached Jesus to ask, “Who is my neighbor,” he came with prominence, recognition, and education under his belt.  But Jesus showed him that it isn’t enough to know the right answers, we’ve got to do something with what you know…

Jesus tells a story to answer the lawyer’s question – A man on a journey has been attacked, beaten and left for dead by the side of the road… and the main character’s were a priest and a Levite – both ministry workers who crossed the street when they saw the man and kept on walking – and a Samaritan? – who stopped and helped the injured man.  That hit Jesus’ listeners hard — As far as the Jews were concerned, the Samaritans were outcast, half-breed heretics… So why does Jesus make him the hero?  I think He did it to show that God can use anybody… to show that help can come from anywhere… and to show that if a person is in need, they don’t really care who helps them.

The Samaritan took a risk, got personally involved, spent some time and some money to help the man in need – He put himself out to help someone else get through.  That’s what we are called to do if we’re going to love our neighbor like we love ourselves.

The closing video Josh, Anya, and Chris put together was AMAZING!  You have to see it!  We will try to get it into a format we can post here on the blog and put up on YouTube…

October 19th is our Sunday of Service (not Sunday services) – and I shared a little about one of our projects, rebuilding a porch for a disabled man in the trailer park.  I was surrounded by folks after the service who want to work on that project, but there are going to be many more to choose from.  Whatever your skill level, there will be something you can do that morning.

Have a great week – and take your faith to the streets!

    October 1, 2008 at 6:10 am

    Great sermon series! It’s exciting where this is taking us. We all know the world is searching….now, are we willing to meet them where they’re at?

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