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Innovate ’08, Day two part two

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Session 5, part two: Innovate Impact – Steven Furtick, lead pastor, Elevation Church

(At every conference there are usually a couple of speakers who hit the grand slam – think T.D. Jakes at C3 in Dallas this year.  While every speaker at Innovate was exciting and impactful, Steven Furtick provided something core and profound.  It was another of those sessions that I sat and soaked in rather than take a lot of notes.  I’m definitely watching for the videos on wiredchurches.com.  Furtick’s message should be heard by every pastor and ministry leader.)

  • When Samuel was sent by God to David’s house to anoint the next king, no one thought to invite David – he was “too young,” “just a shepherd,” etc.
  • Even after being anointed future king, David continued to tend sheep and carry supplies back and forth from home to his brothers at the battle front – not exactly what would be expected of a king.
  • There is always a process that takes place between God’s promise and the payoff.
  • We tend to forget the promise and forfeit the payoff because we faint in the process.
  • David was delivering food – cheese and bread – to his brothers at the battle, when he heard Goliath’s challenge and decided he was called to fight him.
  • You can’t get the buy in you want from the people you need because you are under-challenging them – don’t ask them to help you, ask them to come change the world.
  • Do not despise the day of small beginnings.

Session 6: Start Doing – Mark Beeson, senior pastor, Granger Communtiy Church

(This was definitely the other four-bagger of the conference.  Mark is the real deal, and it was great to hear him challenge us one more time.)

  • Whatever you’ve learned so far – just go do it!
  • Be who God has called you to be – don’t try to be someone else
  • We don’t reach more people because we aren’t grown up enough to handle them.
  • King David got in trouble when the pressure was off – “At the time of year when kings go to war, David stayed home…”
  • Those to whom the message is given have a responsibility to “translate” it for those who don’t get it…
  • Every morning when I wake up it’s still 2008 – it’s not 1954 and never will be again. We are responsible to connect the truth of the Gospel with people today.
  • Bring people onto the team who are going the same direction you are – same vision, mission, purpose.
  • The clearer we are at communicating the “who” and the “what” – the more latitude we have on the “how.”
  • Be so clear in communicating truth that people sense the need for immediate change.

God used this conference to confirm some of the direction our church is already moving, and to open my eyes to even greater things.  I told our team going in that our purpose there was not to become “Granger South” or to copy what they were doing.  We wanted to understand the philosophy and thought process that had lead them into the ministry they are doing, and work through a similar process in our community.  I’m confident that in years to come, we will see our time at Innovate ’08 as a major step forward into the Kingdom task God has called us to.

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