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Sunday Replay 09.21.08

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Wow – what a week!  Last Monday we had a funeral, and hosted the dinner for the family.  Tuesday was spent at the hospital with a member who was having a medical procedure.  Thursday and Friday, at the Innovate conference at Granger!  Boils down to less than a full day at the office last week!  I’m still tunneling out…  I did some mass email dumps, unread of course, so if you haven’t heard back from me on something important, please shoot me another note.

Sunday was an terrific day!  It’s always great to have first time guests.  Worship was great – pointed us to God as always.  Half of the worship band got to attend the Innovate conference, and they were excited and energized.  I love their vision and look forward to what’s to come.

I made a gameday decision and shifted the start of the new “Taking It to the Streets” message series to next week.  Instead, the message focused on “The Risk Takers.”  Paul called Epaphroditus a “risk taker” in Philippians 2 – he used a gambling term that described someone who risked everything on one turn of the dice.  We looked at the “Parabolani” – those men and women who put their lives at risk to save Carthage during the plagues of AD 252.  We determined that NOTHING of significance or eternal consequence happens without risk being taken.  We were challenged by the example of Israel’s prince, Jonathan and his armor bearer, who advanced by themselves against a garrison of Philistine soldiers, slaughtered 20 of them, and began a shaking that resulted in the routing of the Philistines by Israel.

We made a strong call to “risk it all” to reach the lost and unchurched – risk ridicule and misunderstanding… risk being thought of as “unspiritual” or not “churchy” enough… If we’re going to reach people who have never been reached, we’re going to have to do things that have never been done. And if we’re going to reach people who gave up on church a long time ago, we have to convince them that things are different now. 

And that is very risky, but it’s worth it.

God is at work and on the move.  Last week I shared with some folks that we are gathering on the cliff, preparing to jump…  We’re waiting, we want as many as possible to be gathered there at that edge with us, but we cannot wait much longer.  We were challenged last week to “stop talking… start doing.”  It’s time.

Have a great week.

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