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Innovate ’08, Day Two, part one

September 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Session 4: Missional Moves – Rob Wegner, teaching pastor, Granger Community Church

  • What is God’s plan to show the world that He is there and He is good?  The church.  There is no other plan.
  • We must make “missional living” normal for followers of Christ.
  • What is the gospel that Jesus preached?
    • We’ve made it about getting out of trouble, getting to go to heaven
    • True but incomplete
  • The “gospel” or good news that Jesus proclaimed was this: The kingdom of God is near.
  • We’ve made the gospel about what happens to us after we die, or an internalized, personal relationship.
  • Jesus prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”
  • The Kingdom is that place, that society where God’s will breaks through and is done as it is in Heaven.
  • Missional move: from saved souls to saved wholes.  The gospel must impact every area of human life.
  • The most powerful proclamation is demonstration – how is the church impacting poverty, illiteracy, etc.
  • Missional move: from flashlight to laser focus.
    • We’ve confused the Great Commission with the Great Commotion
    • We should be deep and narrow, rather than wide and shallow
    • Narrowing focus = increased impact
  • Over 2800 people from Granger have been involved in ministry outside the  church so far this year – nearly 50%

Session 5, part one: Innovation Impact – senior leadership team, Lifechurch.tv

(This was a panel discussion, and I didn’t take many notes.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy and value what they were saying – I just found the format made it hard for me to take notes in any orderly way.  I did write down some important and thought provoking stuff, just not very much of it.)

  • An organization is a reflection of it’s leadership.
  • Leaders need to be self-aware, real, open to having other people speak into their lives.
  • People naturally attribute other people’s behavior to their character, and naturally attribute their own behavior to their circumstances.  [Scott says: The best single line to come out of this session… Awesome!]
  • The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain you are unwilling to endure.
  • Our capacity as leaders will be found at the limit of our ability to endure the pain.
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