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Innovate ’08 – Day One part 2

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Session 3: Pop Goes the Church – Tim Stevens, executive pastor, Granger Community Church

  • Two things are true: 1) The church is in decline.  In many ways, the church gets in the way of the Gospel.  the majority of people around us are unchurched/dechurched, and we are not reaching them.  However, 2) Spiritual interest is on the rise.  This is very evident in music, movies and on television.
  • It is not time to give up on the church – the church can “leverage” culture, use it to speak to people where they are.
  • John 1:14 in The Message: The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.
  • If Jesus came today, He would hang out with fringe people, the forgotten, and would be critical of entrenched religion.  Jesus would be familiar with the culture of the day.
  • In Paul’s address to the Areopagus in Athens, recorded in Acts 17, Paul quotes from two well known Greek poets – writers who would have been very well known to his listeners: Epimenides and Aratus.  [Scott says: Paul was a big Epimenides fan – he also quotes him to Titus in Titus 1:12!]  This was the equivalent of quoting a well known singer or songwriter in our day.
  • Pop culture can be used to build a bridge into a thoroughly Biblical message.  The universal themes in pop culture can open peoples eyes and pique their interest.
  • Pop culture can be used to get people thinking and laughing.  This helps them relax, gets them loose and more receptive.
  • Why do we do use pop culture – so that hurting, needy people, people who wouldn’t otherwise give God’s truth a second thought, can get the help they need.

My editorial: A frequent criticism I hear about churches that are leveraging culture is that they are only doing it to be “cool” or “edgy” and with an “ain’t we something?” twinkle in their eye.  I was struck by the total absence of such an attitude at Granger.  After you’ve been around them for five minutes, you pick up on their passion for the lost and unchurched – a passion that fuels their commitment to use every available tool to reach them and help them.  I found them to be humble and gracious, quick to point out that their approach was not the only way to “do church” or reach the lost.

More, later.

    September 22, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    It can’t be said enough. The church of today is misrepresenting the Christ they serve by not engaging the culture in which they live in. I’m not saying one has to leave their morals (and for some their senses for that matter!) to do such a thing, but if we don’t catch up to the ‘right’ things and quit burying our heads in the sand we will continue to turn off and/or miss reaching the unchurched or anti-church person. It’s a travesty that we can’t wake up and preach the unwatered down gospel that Jesus Christ has commanded us to do but without doing so sitting in our churches looking down our narrow-minded noses in our starched church clothes wishing things would just stay the same forever. If we don’t take heed soon we will miss out on, what I feel, is to be one of the greatest harvests of our lifetime. I want it to be said that I am not bitter or angry over these few brothers/sisters who tend to be technology savvy enough to blog ugly things about anointed ministries all the while screaming at the same technology creeping into the churches……..I guess what I am is sad….very sad! I so very thankful for Jubilee Fellowship. God bless Jubilee fellowship!

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