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Sunday Replay 09.07.08

[This one is late because I apparently don’t know how to operate WordPress’ publication scheduler… Sorry about that!]

We had another fantastic Sunday at Jubilee.  A beautiful day, the parking lot work is complete and looks great, and some returning guests and first timers at our “family reunion!”

The worship band just may have zeroed in on a name for the group — and they’re going to need it, because we definitely see the Lord using them in a larger way outside our church, probably sooner than we think.  You guys did an amazing job yesterday.  Because you guys do the heavy lifting of praying and preparing, the congregation never senses that it’s watching a concert or a performance, instead we are ushered into heartfelt worship before the Lord.  Thanks so much for all you do.

We finished out the “Church on the Move” message series looking at Service That Makes Us Stronger.  We saw that serving others – meeting their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs – was a critical component of the church from it’s first day of existence.  Nothing happens in the Kingdom until someone is served. Serving others is a big deal to God…  The word “servant” is found over 1000 times in the Bible…  Moses, Abraham, David, and Job are all called “My servant” by God Himself…  When Paul, James, Peter and Jude introduced themselves in their letters, the first thing they did was to identify themselves as servants.  The identifying mark of a servant is this: A Servant Serves…

 We took a closer look at one of Jesus’ less familiar parables, from Luke 17:7-10, and found some Secrets of Serving

  • Our service is not always exciting – Can we be happy with the messy, gritty, behind-the-scenes works of ministry?
  • It is never done – “The end of one service is the beginning of another…”
  • We don’t always get an “atta boy” or a “thanks” – Our reward comes from God, and it’s in the future.
  • And in spite of all that, service is expected of followers of Jesus – Not to get, be, or stay saved, but because ministry and works of service to others should flow out of our relationship to the Father.

(Hat tip to Chuck Swindoll – like sure, he’s gonna read this – his book “Improving Your Serve” had a full throttle impact on my life some 25 years ago.  Everything I say when I talk or write about servanthood has his fingerprints all over it.)

In two weeks we will move on to a new message series “Taking It To The Streets.”  It is going to be challenging and exciting – prepare yourself to be stretched and used by God in ways you never expected!

Have a great week!

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