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“Take me away”

 It is an enticing deception – the temptation to wish we could be “anywhere but here…” – “Here” being anything from a job, to a relationship, or even a church.  We expend an enourmous amount of emotional energy and create frustration for ourselves by believing that if our circumstances would only change, then we would somehow be different. 

The truth is that God is working in our lives through, or sometimes in spite of, our circumstances.  Our circumstances don’t impact His character, or His intention to continue to build within each of His children the image of His first born Son.

Sometimes it takes running into the telephone pole to help us see that our greatest need is not a change of scenery, but a change of heart.  Instead of praying, “Lord, change my circumstances…” maybe we need to keep praying, “Lord, change me.”

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  1. Saung Lady
    September 3, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Once again, a BIG “AMEN”! It can be very frustrating trying to help someone to focus where the true problem is.

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