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Sunday Replay 08.31.08

Yesterday was a glorious day!  Outside, there was not a cloud in the sky – though the heat and humidity have come back BIG TIME!  Of course I had a permanent grin because my team won Saturday night – see previous postROLL TIDE!!!  And even though we were down some in attendance, we had first time and returning guests.

Worship was once again off the charts!  We pushed past a little confusion on the front end and into an awe inspiring time in God’s presence.  We sang Anya’s new song, “Words,” and it is amazing! 

We continued our “Church on the Move” message series with “Worship Makes Us Purer.”  We looked at five “worship keys” that lead us into intimate relationship with our Lord:

  • Worship happens in public and in private – Worship is not a service we attend, it’s a life we live.  Our private times with God prepare us to worship Him in the corporate Body. 
  • Worship is directed solely to God – it’s not about us getting a warm, gooey feeling, or the hairs on the back of our neck standing up – It is expressing our praise and adoration directly to God! 
  • The goal of worship is to honor God, not to please the worshipper – No matter what we’re singing, or how we’re singing it, or what instruments we may or may not be using – there is only ONE member of the audience – and it isn’t you or me…
  • Worship in the Bible is NOISY – Reverence doesn’t mean “quiet!”  We can honor and respect God with loud, boisterous praise, and in a quiet whisper.
  • Worship can be expressed in many good ways – God is a God of diversity and creativity.  The are many more acceptable ways to worship than we know about, or feel comfortable with.  The church must allow people the freedom to worship as God is leading them.  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty…”

Next week we will conclude this series with a focus on Service that makes us Stronger – and that will lay the groundwork for taking our faith out into the community this fall.

One of our deacons likes to say “The train is coming!” when he talks about what God is doing in and through our church – he is so right, the train is on the move and we are on it, partnering with God in this wild ride!

Have a great week.

    September 1, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Nice series of sermons!! We (me & the family) have loved every minute of them. It’s great to hear the truth in the Word of God coming through with love, mercy and led by the Holy Spirit. It’s great to be challenged and uncomfortable……………it’s there we finally rely on Christ!

    Once again I love where this is all going……….WOO! WOO! Lead on conductor, lead on!!!

  2. Saung Lady
    September 3, 2008 at 11:06 am

    I was one of the out of towners this week. Sorry I missed because it sounds like the message was one that is an extreme passion of mine! All I can say is amen and I’ll catch it on the CD!

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