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Sunday Replay 08.17.08

Another great day at church.  The worship band raised the creativity bar a little, and I know they were anxious about it beforehand – but worship was awesome!  Yeah, I know we’ve got to make up some ground technically, but I couldn’t be more pleased with how far we’ve come already!

We continued our “Church on the Move” message series, focusing on the Learning That Makes Us Deeper.  We examined the experience of the Bereans in Acts 17, and saw that one of the key indicators that the church is “on mission” is a pervasive willingness to hear, study, and grow in the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible.  There is a direct correlation between the depth of our devotion to the Word and the power of our impact on the World! 

The Bereans received the Word that was taught, they researched the Scriptures for themselves to make sure they were getting the truth, and they responded to the Word in obedience.  Being a “people of the Book” doesn’t mean we spend all – or even most – of our time reading, studying and discussing…  It means we GO and SERVE!

Next up: Outreach Makes Us Bigger

Lots of great stuff coming our way this fall:  Disciple University, a personalized, self-directed journey to being a mature, devoted follower of Jesus and a disciplemaker…  “To the Streets – Community Service as Worship” will give us another chance to put our faith in action “outside the walls”… and a strategic planning initiative that will help us dream about, think about, and prepare for future ministry.  Exciting and challenging stuff!

A quote to close: “If you do not change what you are doing today, tomorrow will be no different than yesterday.”

Have a great week!

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