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Sunday Replay 08.10.08

What a beautiful day! Could anyone have imagined a church picnic on a day with a high of 76 – in August – in Indiana?  AND the sun was shining?

It was so great to have the church’s founding pastor, Brother Virgil, with us.  He brought a word of greeting and encouragement to get things rolling, and then the worship band flat brought it!   Seriously, worship was amazing yesterday – thanks guys for your faithfulness and willingness to let God use you!

We continued talking about living the mission in the “Church on the Move” message series.  Today’s focus was the “Fellowship that makes us closer.”  Fellowship is more than food and conversation – it is sharing life together in a way that changes everything about our relationships with each other.  Digging in to Romans 12, we saw that we are called to:

  • Love each other – deciding to always seek what is best for each other.
  • Honor each other – looking for ways to appreciate, esteem, and respect one another.
  • Share with each other – giving, working, helping to meet needs of people inside and outside the church.
  • Support each other – in good times and bad, letting others know that we’re there for them and we care for them.
  • Get along with each other – life together creates conflict, but we forgive, put up with, have patience…

I’m excited about this series of messages!  Next up, the Learning that makes us deeper

The church picnic was a blast!  The burgers and dogs were just right, and the side dishes were out of this world.  The men’s dessert contest was a lot of fun, too – even though my entry didn’t win.  Congratulations to Chris E. – his unbelievable key lime cheesecake was a shoo-in!  One of the ladies told me my dessert scared her… but I think she meant it in a good way.

Have a great week!

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  1. Famished in Flora
    August 12, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    That cheese cake sounds awesome. Tell us more about it.

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