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No Greater Love

On Wednesday I was an eyewitness to an incredible act of sacrifice…

One of my elders has been on dialysis since experiencing kidney failure last fall.  Wednesday, his daughter, a grown woman with a husband and kids of her own, gave him a one of her kidneys.  The transplant surgery took place at IU Medical Center in Indianapolis.

The daughter gave up a very important part of herself willingly and with some risk to her own health.  She was motivated by love for her father and appreciation for his love for her and his investment and influence in her life.  He was deeply moved, wept openly when we talked about it, and truly wants to live in a way that makes her sacrifice “worth it.”

I was honored and humbled to be allowed access to such a love transaction in this family.

I was riding home from the hospital late Wednesday night, when I began to weep as I thought about God’s love and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for lost sinners…

What struck me is the fact that I brought nothing of value to this transaction – My history with God was very different than the history between that dad and daughter.  I was a rebel, fueled by selfishness and pride…  I was the prodigal, on my hands and knees in pig feces and urine about to eat hog slop…  When I thought of God at all, it was to thumb my nose in His face… I was not a “match” in any way for the love, mercy, grace, and compassion of the King of the Universe.

And yet, in spite of my incompatibility, without regard to my suitability – God gave, Jesus died. 

For me.  The rebel.  The enemy was called friend…

Thank you, Lord, in that while we were yet (still) sinners, Christ died for us.

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