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Sunday Replay 08.03.08

Wow!  Once again, God has blown me away!  The “77 Hours of Prayer” and the 3 day fast was a phenomenal time of refreshing and reflection for me…  I sensed God speaking to me about my personal relationship with Him, my relationship to Vic and the boys, and about the future direction of the church.  I was also encouraged to hear the experiences of others who participated.  I was totally serious when I cast the future vision for 24/7, ’round-the-clock prayer and worship going on in our sanctuary!

The worship team was “reshuffled” a little bit, due to the absence of a member (oh, hello Anya…), but did a fine job.  I love that classic hymn, “I Surrender All” – and it fit perfectly with the conclusion of the service yesterday.

Preachers are prone to overstatement – it’s a key tool in the toolbox of those of us who speak for a living – but I think we will look back and note these next few weeks as an important milestone in the life of our church.  We began the “Church on the Move” message series, talking about “Living the Mission.”  We looked at “The Great Commandment” and “The Great Commission” and focused on how each of the things Jesus talked about were component parts of our church mission statement – We exist to glorify God:  in worship, in service to our community, in outreach to the lost and unchurched, and in providing a place of nurturing relationships and spiritual growth – Then we looked in Acts 2 to see how the church lived out that very mission from it’s earliest days.  We saw that our mission statement can be boiled down to “5 Words” – Fellowship, Learning, Outreach, Worship, Service – and that when those words describe our ministry and life together, then we will know we are living the mission.

I can’t wait for the upcoming messages in the series:

  • Fellowship Makes Us Closer
  • Learning Makes Us Deeper
  • Outreach Makes Us Bigger
  • Worship Makes Us Purer
  • Service Makes Us Stronger

These are exciting times and I truly believe the best is yet to come.  We are going to see amazing opportunities for ministry in and to our community that will have eternal repercussions!  You do not want to dragged along behind, screaming “Beep, Beep!”  And you definitely don’t want to be a religious possum!

Have a great week!

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