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Friday Remix: Signs of Life

The same signs that are indicators of life in the physical body are also signs of life in the Body of Christ.  This is beautifully described in the article below, which was passed on to me a long time ago and whose original author is unknown to me.  Here is my adaptation:

Signs of Life… in bodies and Bodies

1. Breath: Just inhale, then exhale and hold your breath …. Breathing is essential for life. It is interesting that in Scripture that the word for “spirit” is interchangeable with the word for “breath”. The work and ministry of the Holy Spirit must be active in a church for life to be present. 

2. Movement: Living things move. We generally say that if there is no movement visible in a thing that it is dead. A church also needs to be moving, going somewhere, with a sense of direction.

3. Sensitivity: If a thing is unresponsive to touch (feeling) it is often considered dead. A church also must be sensitive to the direction and leading of God through the Holy Spirit.

4. Intake: If we don’t eat or have intake, we will soon die. The church feeds itself on the Word of God. The baby Believers are to drink the milk, and the mature ones are to eat the meat.

5. Refuse: Where there is life, there is also waste. Removal of waste is essential to the health of both the physical body and to the church. Life in Christ is always new and being renewed.

6. Purpose: When people lose purpose, death soon follows. Young people without purpose begin to look at suicide. Older people without purpose just give up and die. A church must also have a sense of purpose – an understanding of the reason they exist and how they will live that reason out.

7. Growth: It is only natural that a living being grows. A lack of growth in a church is an indication of impending death. Conversely, growth in a church is an indication of life. Sometimes, a church must go through a death experience before it can experience new life and growth.

8. Reproduction: Reproduction is not only a sign of life, it is also an indication of fulfillment. A church will not find fulfillment until it begins to see its member multiply – Believers leading others to Christ.

And this keeper I first heard from James Ryle seems to fit in here…

“Healthy things grow. Growing things change. Change challenges us. Challenges cause us to trust God. Trust leads to obedience. Obedience makes us healthy. And healthy things grow.”

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