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Sunday Replay 07.20.08

It seems strange to come on here each week and say “we had a great Sunday”…  BUT WE DID!  The house was full – made me think, “What ‘summer slump’?” – and we had quite a few guests… The worship band was simply ON IT!  Great song choices, vocals, musicianship – guys you did an incredible job!  Annette and Anita did a great job on “When My People Pray” – which fit in perfectly with the end of the service, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

We continued the message series, “The Jesus Questions,”looking at Jesus’ encounter with the woman who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years – when Jesus asked, “Who Touched Me?”  We noted this woman’s extreme circumstances: she had been sick for years, isolated by force of law from any family she might have had, and destitute because she had spent all she had on medical treatment of dubious value (If anybody wants to try that “barley-corn picked from the dung of a donkey” thing, let me know how that works for you…).  She was exactly where she needed to be to experience Jesus’ extreme compassion.  She touched Jesus while He was on his way to the home of a religious VIP whose daughter lay dying.  And Jesus did an amazing thing – He stopped what He was doing and ministered to this unclean, outcast woman.  Most of us find God most often at the end of the rope… The result of this woman’s determination to touch Jesus was much more than the healing of her physical body, she received extreme salvation.  She needed spiritual healing more than anything, and that’s what Jesus gave her – “Daughter, your faith has saved you…”

It was a privilege to minister to those who wanted to move beyond touching Jesus to allowing Him to touch them and transform their lives.  I’ve prayed again for all of you this week.

At the end of the service we rolled out our plans to focus in August on the mission of the church and how we plan to fulfill it at Jubilee.  I have called the church to do two things in preparation:

  • A 3 day fast, Thursday, July 31st through Saturday, August 2nd.  I realize that those with health concerns will not be able to fast from food.  Other appropriate fasting ideas are: the internet, television, soft drinks, etc.  Some may wish to combine a couple of things, maybe fasting at lunchtime and not watching television.  Please let the Holy Spirit lead you in this, and use this time to focus on God’s will for the church and our lives.
  • 77 Hours of Prayer – from 5 AM Thursday, July 31st until 10 AM Sunday, August 3rd we are asking folks to sign up in one hour increments to be present at the church to be in prayer for God’s guidance and direction, as well as other urgent prayer needs.  We will provide a secure facility, prayer resources to help us stay focused, and continuous praise and worship music.  Please sign up to pray – we believe this will be an important time of breakthrough for our church and community.\

Beginning August 3rd, I will be preaching a 5 part series of messages, “Church on the Move,” that I sincerely believe will be among the most important messages I have ever preached.  Please plan now to be here for these messages, or reserve your CD if you have to miss a Sunday.

Our church has a fantastic future – one that will impact and benefit our community in so many ways, but most importantly for eternity and the Kingdom.  We’re fond of saying, “We’re here for good…” and we mean it! 

Have a great week!

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  1. Saung Lady
    July 23, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    It is soooo awesome to see God orchestrate and bring things together in perfect harmony!! I am so overwhelmed that he cares so much for us to oversee such small details!! He never ceases to amaze me!!

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