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“Unedited” remix

I remember when we got cable TV when I was a kid living in Dothan, Alabama… Now instead of getting 3 channels  – two and a half really, because one of them was only on part time – we got TWELVE!  Of course, one of the channels was some kind of rotating wheel that showed a clock, a thermometer, and an advertisement, but we also got channels from as far away as Montgomery and Panama City, Florida! 

There were a lot of movies on “regular” TV back then – five or six year old Hollywood blockbusters would be shown on Saturday nights, Sunday nights, and usually a weekday evening as well.

When a movie came on there would often be a graphic superimposed on the screen for a moment that said “Edited for television”. I once asked my dad what that meant, and he explained that some parts of the movie were cut out to make it suitable for television or to fit a time slot.

I felt so cheated! I wanted to see the whole movie, not just the parts some censor or clock-watcher thought were “appropriate.”  I always imagined that some grand, thrilling scene had been cut out in order to sell more Jiffy-Pop or Aqua-Velva.

Are we sometimes guilty of “editing” God?   Do we sometimes we cut out the parts of Him we feel might not be suitable for the audience – “No thanks, Lord, we really don’t go for that around here…” We try to contain Him, predict Him, by controlling the time frame in which He is allowed to work, by setting boundaries we’re not comfortable with Him crossing. We reduce Him from the omnipotent creator, healer, deliverer, to a doctrinal set of more predictable actions.

And we feel cheated – because our tame, sterile, manageable God is not the God of the Bible.  And that predictable God is not the God we need…

I once heard Jack Taylor say that what we need is “Jesus, on the scene, unedited.”

We don’t need a life-sized God – we need God as big as we can get Him.

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