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Sunday Replay 07.13.08

Yeah, I know this one is late, but here goes…

The worship band was missing 3 of the regulars – out of town, on vacation, etc., but Chris did a fine job filling in on keyboards and everything else went well.  The song Anya wrote is so good, and the band does a great job with it – tough to do with an unrecorded original.  I thought worship seemed a little shorter than usual, but some others have told me I must be imagining it…

The second week of “The Jesus Questions”had us focusing on the question Jesus asked the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda, “Do you wish to get well?” It was a strange question and could even be seen as cruel if we didn’t know what we know about Jesus.  But it was critical for the man to honestly reflect on whether he wanted everything in his life to be changed. Initially, he offered Jesus excuses – “I have nobody to help me” – and missed the truth that Jesus was the only “Somebody” who could help him.  But when he obeyed Jesus’ direct command – “Get up and walk!” – he was transformed.  How much could our messed up lives and circumstances be changed if we would simply try a little obedience?

We’ve been having a blast at the County Fair!  We’ve given away anywhere from 125 to 150 bottles of cold water each night.  Interestingly, several of the vendors in the Merchants building have jumped on the bandwagon and are also giving away water!  I think we have the most well hydrated fair in Indiana!   What is puzzling me is that the popsicles are not flying out of the booth like I thought they would – my theory is that we’re competing with lemon shake-ups, elephant ears, cotton candy and all kinds of ice cream and kids are suffering from “treat exhaustion” by the time they get to our booth…


When the fair ends Friday, we will get a chance to catch our breath before school starts back – no big events or projects on the calendar, BUT – this fall is going to be full of exciting things!  We’re going to find ourselves stretched and challenged in ways we may have never thought possible!  To set the stage, in August I will begin a series of messages – “Church on the Move” – focusing on our mission statement and the scriptural foundation on which the church is built and from which the church discovers it mission.  If you are excited about the future of our church, you seriously will not want to miss a single one of the five messages in this new series.

Come by the fair booth and have a popsicle – I don’t think they’ll keep until next year’s Bible Beach Club!  Have a great week!

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