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Sunday Replay 06.29.08

This replay is going out a little later than usual – I spent part of yesterday and today without internet access at the in-laws…  But there’s something else.  Being as honest and transparent as I can be, I just wasn’t on top of my game yesterday.  Part of it was probably due to my hurt knee and the upper respiratory thing – but I can’t shake the feeling that I was “off” a little bit.  Please don’t misread this as a cry for some “encouraging” comments and emails – it’s not that at all.  Just one of those Sunday’s all pastors have every once and awhile…

But I know this – God can hit a straight lick with a crooked stick!  It was a blessing to see some of our new folks take communion for the first time!  And it’s always awesome to share communion with Vic and all the boys.

And worship band, you did your usual fine job.  Another one of the things I dig about you guys is how you play the hand you’re dealt, and go with the flow every Sunday in a place where the out-of-the -ordinary can be quite commonplace.

Our message was “Life out of Death.”  In John 12, Jesus said that when the seed falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit.  That truth runs so counter to the way we think – we believe that death follows life, when it’s really the other way around…  Life follows death!  It happened to Lazarus and ultimately, to Jesus!  When we die – to ourselves, our sin, and our selfish desires – only then can we really live.

We’re looking at a couple of busy weeks:  Our July 4th Celebration on Friday and then our booth at the Fair where we give away bottled water and popsicles.  If you’d like to get involved Friday, just show up abput 4:30 PM.  To help with the Fair, please sign the schedule in the foyer.

Have a great week!

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