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Care and Feeding

An interesting post on Brian Jones’ blog yesterday, prompted by a question about starting a midweek “believer’s service” that supposedly takes people “deeper”.  (Hat tip to BW for the post)

“I’m not being fed” is a term invented by lazy, spiritually obese, self-centered pastors and church-hopping religious consumers. Never, ever, under any circumstances let your personal apprehensions or these kinds of people steer your church off course.

Your goal is to help your people become disciples, and you know and I know that disciples aren’t made through “services,” they’re made skin on skin over long periods of time, in the presence of other disciples out and about spreading the kingdom of God.

My advice: teach your Christians to feed themselves during your weekend services, but make it interesting enough that you still capture the imagination of people far from God.

 OK, I would link to the post, but it appears to have been removed???  Here’s a link to Brian’s blog, maybe the post is out for cleaning or editing, or something…  Brian Jones’ Blog


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