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Sunday Replay 06.22.08

One of my frequent prayers is that the amazing blessings we receive in our times of corporate worship never become routine – that Jubilee always maintains the ability to be amazed and surprised at how God moves among us.

That’s why I so appreciate the worship band.  They’re creative and innovative, willing to learn new songs and use a variety of “styles” to help people enter in to worship. (Example: Their exploration of new ways to be used by God to keep people engaged and focused during prayer and ministry time at the end of service)  I also love that their vision of the future outruns their present abilities!  Their grasp of “here we are” never stops them from saying, “But we want to be there!”  I’m convinced that’s the key to growing and developing in ministry.  I’ve said before, and will say it again, but you guys are awesome – great job Sunday!

We concluded our “I Can’t Believe You Said That!” message series with a message titled “God’s Got Satan Under Control.”  Looking deeper into the life of Job, we saw that Satan is not winning and can never win.  His ability is limited and under God’s permissive will.  We get into trouble when we believe Satan’s first lie – “You can be like God!” – and when we look at our circumstances from a worldly perspective.  The only way to having peace on this planet, is by seeing our life as belonging to God. We’ve got to always be looking above for our strength. Paul writes in Colossians 3:2, “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.”  The Greek word for “set” in that passage means to have a “fixation.” We need to have a fixation on God.  The same word is found in Hebrews 12:2, where we’re told to “fix our eyes on Jesus…”

Bible Beach Club was awesome – more in that in another post.  And our Student ministry took 52 people to Six Flags-Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday!  All reports are that they had a blast and got thoroughly exhausted.

Preparations are in full swing for our July Fourth Community Cookout!  For several years, our parking lot has been the best seat in town for viewing the fireworks show at the town park  This year we’re going to offer our “guests” some free food and drink, along with some great live music.  We’re looking forward to a grat time, and there are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved.  Check the sign-up sheets in the foyer.

Officially, summer has just started.  But in a month our “busy season” will wind down and it’ll will be back to school time!  I’m getting excited about this fall – among other things, we will be challenged to put our faith into action and we’ll do something that has never been done in the almost 26 year history of our church… Stay tuned to find out what THAT is!

Have a great week!

    June 24, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    I loved Sunday! It was a great sermon – bum knee and all! I sometimes forget, sitting with everyone, that we still haven’t ‘arrived’ as a church! Seeing the diverse array of people worshipping and serving God together makes for an exciting future. I think to myself just how great it is in the present and how much I don’t have a grasp of the full extent of God’s plans for our future (I think if I did I would spontaneously combust)…… I love being on this train!!!

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