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Sunday Replay 06.01.08

“Refreshing” and “blessing” were two words that came up repeatedly in the comments people had about worship yesterday.  Jesi and Anya did a great job on “When I Call on Jesus” – one of my favorite songs of all time!  The worship time was centered around our need for Jesus and fit together perfectly with the message.

We began our new series, “I Can’t Believe You Said That” – a focus on some neglected and under-preached truths of the Bible. Sunday we saw that “God Doesn’t Grade on a Curve.”  We can’t be involved in just a “little bit” of sin.  From God’s perspective, a lie is as much a sin as murder.  That means we’re all messed up sinners.  To make matters worse, God requires perfection from His people, and Heaven is a perfect place for only perfect people.  But just when our situation seems hopeless – Jesus saves the day!  For those who follow Him by faith, Jesus becomes all the righteousness and perfection we need!  This would be a great message to share with a friend or family member who is far from God.  (Among other things, they will learn the difference between “naked” and “nekkid” – and seriously, who can put a price on that?)

Bible Beach Club is now 14 days away!  We found out last week that the elementary age kids from the Y’s day-camp will be attending BBC this year!  That should result in about a 20% increase in our attendance – and the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a bunch of new families!  There are still plenty of volunteer opportunities.  Call the office if you’d like to get involved.

Please don’t forget the Workday sceduled for Saturday, June 7th.  The biggest jobs will be pulling the old carpet out of the Dome and getting the floor ready for the new carpet, and installing the outdoor flagpole.  There are lots of other things to do, so bring those tools and roll up those sleeves.

Two big projects are coming up in July – keep them on your radar: The 4th of July Cookout in the parking lot, and our booth at the 4-H fair.  More info and opportunities to get involved to come!

Have a great week.

    June 2, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Thanks for the blog!!!!! Now I feel normal.

    Keep the light on………I’ll be there soon!

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