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Sunday Replay 05.18.08

What a beautiful day!  inside and out, God’s handiwork was a sight to behold!  We had some guests in the house, too, and that is always exciting.

The worship band continues to surprise me – in good ways!  The “beat-box” version of “Holy, Holy, Holy” was awesome, so creative!  And the song Anya wrote is amazing!  I can envision it on a CD one of these days.  Thanks guys, for working to keep worship fresh and engaging.

We continued our series “Hope… When Life Seems Hopeless!” with a message on overcoming fear.  We saw that by focusing on God’s strength and His truth, and by literally throwing our cares on Him, we can overcome the fear of evil, our future and even death!  If you weren’t able to be here, be sure to ask for a CD or tape of the message – and pass it on to someone when you’re done listening to it!

“Friction” – our ministry to students, led by Chris and Anya, washed cars after worship for donations to raise money for their upcoming trip to Louisville.  They made over $300!  Way to go guys!

The elders and deacons met in combined session and got a lot accomplished – plenty of projects going on, and exciting things on the horizon.  I can never say enough about how much I love these men, and how honored I am to serve alongside them.

One more thing to wrap up: One of our guests from Sunday, while riding home with his friend, said this: “You guys are going to need a bigger church!”  Praise the Lord!

Have a great week.

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