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Zimbabwe update

Kevin Fry left Eden’s Village for Harare midweek last week.  He met with state police officals and the American ambassador at the U.S. Embassy.  He sent this email on Friday:

There have been some improvements in the last 24 hours, and we are praising the Father for His intervention.  The Provincial Welfare Officer went to the Chief of Police and demanded that the violence towards orphans stop immediately, and reminded them that Eden is a protected government agency, and that Social Welfare directives supersede all police directives.   The result of this conversation was the police intervention at an incident yesterday that involved literally all of our staff.

Our staff were forced to go to a rally where opposition members were forced to apologize for voting for MDC.  Angela, our herbalist stood up in the meeting and gave everyone the gears for terrorizing people and forcing them to sleep in the bush on the ground.  She said our Clinic is inundated with beating victims, and people, mainly children, who are becoming quite sick sleeping on the ground (it is winter here.) They were held at the meeting for 8 hours without food or water.  One employee was beaten.  At the end of the rally, all were forced onto tractor-pulled wagons with the instructions that they were to go to Farways Farm to beat everyone and burn all the buildings.  (People are often forced to do these things — either you beat others, or they beat you).  They did not get far from Doma before a single police officer stopped the group and told them to turn around and release everyone, which they promptly did.  You have to understand that we have not seen a police response like this since 2000!

We have a prayer concern.  Some of our children are being forced into the Youth Brigade, and we are fighting to keep them out.  They will be forced to commit atrocities, and will be raped repeatedly (to make her tough), and re-educated in terrorism.  All of our teens need special prayer cover to keep them from this evil.

Many who have been involved never recover from the atrocities they have committed, and our kids have already been through enough.  Pray fervently for supernatural protection of all of our teens — they are under a great deal of pressure.

I had a good meeting with the US Ambassador, the Security Unit, The Business Unit, the Media Unit, and the Consular Section.  The Ambassador is approaching several officials in very high positions to basically tell them:  You are harming an American citizen doing philanthropic work for the benefit of the Zimbabwean people.  The attacks on defenseless orphans have to stop immediately.  If it is not stopped, we will make a worldwide press release documenting the atrocities against defenseless children.

In a few days, we should see some result from the Ambassador’s efforts.

The press release will not happen unless the violence continues.  Then we will be asked to go to the US Embassy Media Unit to prepare the statement for release.  The Embassy already has pictures, and knows the details of everything that has happened to date.  They also know that the full responsibility of the atrocities fall on Douglas Mombeshora himself.

Going to the Embassy does carry risk.  The Embassy did indicate that my arrest would be likely, and we defined some protocols on what has to happen in that event.  The most critical thing is that the Embassy must be notified as quickly as possible so that the diplomatic machinery can be put into full operation right away.

Last night was the second night we have had 180 people in my house and Rory and Judy’s house.  It has been wall-to-wall Shona people.  We have not hesitated, because this is the only safe place we can offer them.  We fed them a peanut butter sandwich and a small glass of milk, and that took 40 loaves of bread, half a bucket of peanut butter, and 15 gallons of milk.  Probably one of the strangest picnics in history!

At one point, a group of thugs arrived at our property while Judy, Thomas, and Isaac were loading personal belongings in a container.  It was total panic, and total pandemonium, and in the end, Isaac was locked in the container!  After quite a long time, Isaac was able to make someone hear him, and they keys were located to let him out.  His eyes were like dinner plates!  I don’t think he will ever volunteer to help load a container again!

It appears that the rural violence is now shifting to the urban areas.  It is anticipated that the military will be shooting people in urban areas. Things could escalate significantly as this unfolds.  The Embassy has the impression that the violence is intended to continue for at least a year.  If things become much worse, the Embassy intends to order all Americans out of the country until there is a regime change.

So, to sum it all up…Right now Eden is in the best position we have been in for many months.  It is only by Father’s faithful intervention, and your intervention in intercessory prayer, that we have come to a more stable situation.  We are truly grateful for your prayers and concern.  We are far from out of trouble, and as a nation, we are still sliding deeper into an abyss of total chaos.  Prayer is greatly needed.  Please don’t stop!

Blessings to you!


Thanks to everyone who has been praying.  Please continue to keep Kevin, Eden’s Children’s Village, the staff and the children in fervent prayer.

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