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“I feel the earth… move… under my feet…”

Our family experienced our first earthquake this morning about 5:30 AM!  The actual quake was about 150 miles or so away, but we had a wild ride all the same.  I’ve heard from folks this morning who live in the Cincinnati area and in West Virginia who felt it, too.

Vic and I woke up at the same time sensing that something wasn’t right… The ceiling fan was rattling and rocking back and forth, and the hardware on a dressing was tinkling.  Vic asked, “What is it? An earthquake?”  and I replied, “I think so.”  And we both promptly went back to sleep.

Upstairs, Nick, our 13 year old, woke up to trophies and other stuff falling off of shelves.  15 year old Sam jumped out of bed, afraid – in his words “that something demonic was going on!”  Sam said the house felt like it was moving back and forth.  He said he didn’t know what to do, so he jumped back in bed and “started praying.”

But get this: The other four people in the house slept right through the entire thing.

And the best part?  It’s got “sermon illustration” written all over it.  Yeah, baby!


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